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21 May 2010 - Suckling pig in Brisbane

Before the reds came out we tasted a Tyrrell’s Vat 1 Hunter River Semillon 2002 still a pup but showing some development, definitely heading in the right direction unlike the 2000 Vat 1 we tried recently, which was still steely and acid - we would never have picked it as having 10 years on ... Details

17 May 2010 - Brisbane wining and dining, dinner day two

Our second evening found us out in the country N/W of Brisbane to stay with friends for the night. Dinner was a 10 kilo suckling pig we cooked on the bbq, it was delicious. We accompanied it with a stuffing/terrine of apple bread crumbs, sage and wine, watercress salad, heirloom tomato salad an ... Details

14 May 2010 - Brisbane wining and dining day two

Saturday morning it was off to market at Newfarm and it was great, some fantastic produce was available, although our QLD locals said it has waned a bit over the last few years, the artisan producers being pushed out by some large food wholesalers. We did however purchase some lovely produce to cook ... Details

7 May 2010 - Brisbane wining and dining

The ANZAC long weekend led us to Brisbane for a stay with relatives and friends.Our first stop off was with relatives, Aunt Betty, Liza and Fred. Fred and Liza are both in hospitality, Fred, a chef, works for Black Pearl Epicure, Brisbane’s foremost gourmet food wholesaler, (Black Pearl also have a ... Details

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